Packing & Unpacking

Modern Delivery & Moving will Pack Up and Unpack your Move!

When planning your move in Ohio, you might be interested in having some help with packing up your personal items to prepare them for your upcoming move. If you are interested in having some help with packing, please ask us as part of your free quote how we can help you with your packing.

After you arrive at your destination, you might need a little help with unpacking your boxes to get your home successfully unpacked and start living your normal life again. If you feel you might need some help with this, simply ask and we will quote that for you as well. We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make this transition easier for you and your family.

Rearranging Furniture Services are also Available!

If you are planning on rearranging furniture to make a change within your home or moving items out for a garage sale we can help with the big items. You tell us where you want it and then you “let us carry the load.”