Timeline to Plan the Perfect Move

Timeline to Plan the Perfect Move from Day One to Moving Day

When planning a big move, too many people lose focus of their goals. They do not give themselves enough time to pack and prepare for a long-distance trip. It’s recommended that they follow a timeline to track every week and day of the move.

One Month Before Moving Day

Any successful move requires planning at least one month in advance. Planning several months ahead is ideal; however, the one-month rule is suitable for those who move on short notice. Movers should create a plan that includes packing, transportation and storage. Most of them make a packing checklist that is followed through until the end.

Three Weeks Before the Day

After the plan is written, the next few steps involve packing. On the checklist, should be a list of items arranged in order of importance. In case the movers run out of time, they should have packed the most important items first.

A common mistake with travelers is forgetting to pack items to carry during the trip. Packing one carry-on bag is necessary to take for the plane or car ride.

Two Weeks Before the Day

Two weeks before moving day is the perfect time to pack hardly used items. Movers should pack office supplies and furniture, but leave clothing and personal hygiene items untouched until later.

One Week Before the Day

Now, there are only 7 days to pack. There is plenty of time to complete the simple tasks, but no time for the more complicated ones. This is the time to choose the most important tasks to do and ignore the least important ones. Selling furniture may not happen in one week, so visiting the dumpster is the next step.

This is the time to start packing up the kitchen and bedroom. Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the work should ask friends for help or ask professional packers if they have the money.

Few Days Left

This is the most dangerous part of the move. During these last few days, people decide that they are prepared to move or they are not. If not, they must call for assistance, postpone the trip or cancel it altogether.

During this time, movers have to pack up bathroom items along with a carry-on bag and travel documents. The last step is to do a quick tour of the house and make sure everything is ready to go.

Moving Day

The moving day is here, and for some people, it has come faster than they wanted. Movers should not complete any major task on that day. They should only focus on getting ready for the day, putting on appropriate travel clothing and packing the carry-on bag. They may have to greet the movers at the door, as well.

Moving is one of the biggest challenges that anyone will undertake this year. It starts by creating a plan and a packing checklist. The main goal for any mover is to never lose focus of the plan and follow the timeline completely.